For small problems and large, Ballard Machine Works can bring your equipment back to life.

Machinery and equipment are critical resources that have a tremendous impact on the success or failure of your organization. With every outage, breakdown, and malfunction, your company stands to lose thousands of dollars in operating costs and lost income.

When your valuable equipment breaks down or needs routine repairs, it’s time to call Ballard Machine Works.

A local resource for Seattle small business owners, we can get your company’s the mechanical parts¬†for your equipment and machinery back up and operational in short order. Need a custom part or can’t wait around for the manufacturer to send a replacement? Our team can design and produce basic and custom parts for a wide variety of products and specialized equipment.

Once you begin to break down the costs of replacement parts, loss of business income, and the cost of replacing your old equipment with new models, the choice is clear. Why throw good money after bad? After a visit to Ballard Machine Works, your company can get back up and running in a fraction of the cost and turnaround time offered by manufacturers.

Don’t take your equipment for granted. Your company should invest in equipment breakdown insurance to offset the costs of repair, labor, or replacement. We work with business owners one-on-one to get their problem solved quickly, affordably, and as easily as possible.