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3 Ways to Improve the Odds of Your Kickstarter Success

If you’re an inventor, dreamer, or a student working on a final project, you know the frustration that comes with realizing your design requires a custom or hard-to-find part in order to complete the job. Throw in the stress of hitting a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding fulfillment deadline is a whole other level of pressure – if your project gets funded at all. Thankfully, creating a prototype is easier than ever. These three companies have been striving to assist organizations large and small to complete their prototype designs and help ensure success on Kickstarter and in the real world alike:

Front Panel Express

A world-class supplier of custom front panels and enclosures for electrical equipment, Front Panel Express has the edge over many competitors due to its lack of minimum batch requirements, meaning a one-off order is not only available, but welcomed. A free, all-in-one design suite allows for computer-aided designs and price estimations within the same ecosystem, making it a perfect option for students and the money-strapped start-up.


Shipwire is an eCommerce company that helps large institutions plan and execute logistics, warehousing, and customer fulfillments, but they also have an entire service dedicated to Kickstarter creators. It offers a low barrier of entry for small outfits to get high-end fulfillment and delivery options – a crucial aspect of the crowdfunding process.

Ballard Machine Works

Whether you need a single part to complete your design or a production partner to make your concept a reality, Ballard Machine Works is a great local resource for inventors, business owners, and students alike. Our experience and insight into the machining world can be a valuable asset when beginning your Kickstarter project and we can guide you through every stage of production.

Find out more about our capabilities by using the contact form or stopping by Ballard Machine Works today!

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